New Mutants cover 25

Here´s a little behind the scenes work from the New Mutants cover 25.
I first did the 3 sketches and I sent them to the editors. I usually do all this process digitally on a cintiq.
Once the editors pick one of the layouts I start working on the finish pencils. I usually do a printout of the layout and do a trace over on the light table for the clean pencils.
Then I go to photoshop to apply colors till I get the final render.

I´m very happy with the final result since it was a rushed job.

For my eyes only

This is a drawing I did in my spare time, it doesn´t have any meaning... well, it could be just an interpretation from my subconscious

Captain America Process

Hey guys,

It´s been a while since I last updated my journal. Right now I´ve been working on X-men legacy, I´ll keep you guys posted with some images.

Also I´m very happy to announce I now have a two year exclusive contract with Marvel, I´ve been having a great time working for them and hopefully some cool artwork will come from that.

Here I uploaded a layout sample of my work process, I usually do all my layout digitally on the cintiq, then I do a printout and with a light table I do the final render.