Finally got some time around to do some personal work, I think Im planning to print this and used it as a decoration for my house, I was really happy with the gesture.


just a couple of random unfinish scketches,some from works some personal, I really like to experiment with styles and changes from time to time. Enjoy

Top Cow test

Here is one of the sample pages I did for Top Cow.... I had to change my style for these pages..for a more dark style..more shades and stuff. I'm not a big fan of shading, although I admit the pencils look way better shaded...but once inked they loose so much that much shading limits the colorist in picking the light sources and such...but any it is. ENJOY!

What if? Doctor Doom

I finally got work at Marvel..and after a year of pushing them, they finally gave me a shot. Working on a "What if" title about Dr.Doom, which it was pretty cool cause I got to draw all the main Marvel characters. Anyways, here is this piece I used as a teaser.

What if?

Double page spread for the "what if" title I worked for. It's was out December 31st

Total destruction

I started this image just as a worm up for a couple of tutorials I wanted to try on. But I started to like the whole image and I ended up spending like 10 hours on it :S One of the very few pics where I did everything digitally, I kinda liked it.

Everything photoshop cs

The challenge and take a break

The first is just a quick piece I did, trying to practice "speedpainting"...took me about 3 and half hours...I know compared to the speed of other people around here I'm no match..but I'm getting started, I want to try to do one per week. ( but as you can see is not working at all, I have a lot of work)

The second one is a quick painting I made while I was doing "urban myths" project with top cow, I was very busy at that time and I wanted to do something for myself, even thought the deadline for that project was tight I REALLY had the urge to do it, get it out of my system, so this is what came out . All done in photoshop, no pencil no paper. Which is kind of weird for me. Buy I think I started to enjoy working digitally.
Photoshop CS. 3 hours . No reference


Spidey Page

This was a test made for Marvel from now on it's all up to the editors to see if they have something for me. Anyways...this is one of the pages ink and color just so they can see how my lines would look.

Urban Myths

Urban myths was a pilot project given to me by Top Cow. Top Cow makes this "Pilot Season" Which are like 6 pilot comic stories put together. All by different writers and artist. The that out of those 6 titles..only 2 get to have their own series, sadly it didn't make it, it wasn't what I expected but I move on.

SO...the first image is the cover for the comic of Urban Myths published by Top Cow.I had to rush on this cover since they needed it right away for publicity and stuff...I wish I had more time to detail some stuff, still I'm happy with it. And the other ones are pieces of the work


Here are some pages of the latest tittle I worked for Marvel, it's basically a "one-shot" story of Nightcrawler quitting the X-men. Unfortunately due to deadline issues, I wasnt just able to do pencils , inks and colors where done by other artist.

Outlaw territory

Here is page 1 of another title I worked on. I wanted to do a good cowboy story for so long. For me it was one of does "must do" projects. I read the script from Jose Torres and I knew this was my shot, I love how the story was written, leaving room for a more cinematic feel to it.

The tittle It's called "Outlaw Territory" basically is a bunch of short cowboy stories put together, I believe there are few people from DA who are part of this project as well.

It's suppose to be out sometime in October and it's being published by Image comics.
Check it Outlaw territory


I'm not a very big fan of anime to be honest. But my sister kept asking me to draw her a Naruto. So for Christmas present I did her this piece and print it on a huge canvas paper....looked great.

photoshop cs 6 hours

Avenger Cover

So, this is my first Marvel cover ever. I loved doing this cause for the first time I had the chance to draw all the Marvel main characters that I love (no FF...I'm not a big fan after "those" movies) It was just a very special experience to finally say " I'm drawing Marvel characters for Marvel" finally after so many years of dreaming of it and sitting in my room when I was a kid coping comics...I'm finally there! :)


La neta

Random Draw

Here is a quick commission I did for a clothing company called Hizoku. Here I show the process work from the sketch to pencils and colors. The clients asked for some changes on the last panel shot, although I still think the sketch composition works better...but hey...they got the money, so gotta do as I'm told :S
check it Hizoku


Here is a little piece I did on my very reduce free time. I've been busy with some DC work, hopefully I'll be able to show some of that soon.

Basically this came after listening some oooooold school black metal from Hellhammer...classic black metal!

cheers everyone!

4h, hb, regular pen..and bit photoshop


Just a random drawing I did in a convention, Im happy with the final result and I enjoy playing around with different pencils.

Pestilence and Famine

A little concept I did for a Darkness tittle I got offered, things didn't wrap up in the end...but I still enjoyed doing these

Hunting season

This was my first drawing for 2008

This is a personal piece of some random character I came up, just practicing for some painting techniques, I learned a lot from this one and had so much fun...I miss just drawing for myself..

Akuma SF Tribute

Last year Comicon Udon release Street Fighter tribute book filled with great artwork of the coolest artist. This is a piece I did for the book..but it's nothing compared to the stuff I've saw in it..believe, it's a MUST HAVE!

Photoshop CS...10 hours

A couple of concepts I'm working on for a project that I can't say much at the time. But hopefully it will see the day of light one day. Just trying to flesh some ideas and various designs. This is also feature in the 2D magazine Artist article that came out on November 2008


This is an image I did a while ago, although a lot of people like the final image I think it needs a little bit polish

Just some random character design that came out when I was playing with some brushes . I'm very happy of the final's just such a different techinique from what I'm used to.

phothsop cs , 5 hours