Urban Myths

Urban myths was a pilot project given to me by Top Cow. Top Cow makes this "Pilot Season" Which are like 6 pilot comic stories put together. All by different writers and artist. The idea..is that out of those 6 titles..only 2 get to have their own series, sadly it didn't make it, it wasn't what I expected but I move on.

SO...the first image is the cover for the comic of Urban Myths published by Top Cow.I had to rush on this cover since they needed it right away for publicity and stuff...I wish I had more time to detail some stuff, still I'm happy with it. And the other ones are pieces of the work

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Gibs said...

Estimado Zurdom:
la neta me late un buen y apoyo tu estilo de trazo y color, muchas felicidades por tus logros en el comic americano, anteriormente te he mencionado en mi blog ya q la porpuesta de urban miths me pareció excelente. Te dejo el link


Eres bienvenido a mi blog cuando gustes y si no te molesta tomaré una imagen tuya para postear uno de tus últimos trabajos.

estamos pendientes y q bueno q no dejas el blog.