Here are some preview pages from X- Men #16 issue released on August 24,2011.

For the first time I got to do pencils and inks by myself.
Colors by the awesome GuruFX.

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X- Men #19 Cover

Hey Guys,

Here is the step by step process behind the X- Men #19 cover.

For the process of this cover I was asked by the editors to do a jungle scene of the X-men and the Fantastic Four having as reference the 90’s X-men covers. I sent the first layout but the editors wanted a more dynamic angle and composition so we narrowed down to sketch number two.

I set the sketch as a basis and I did a trace over on the cintiq until I got the pencils to the level I wanted.

Now I set the flat tones to start the coloring process. I already had in mind the feeling of the scene so I wanted to have colors that represent a sci- fi other dimension feel that the story has, trying to stay away from the typical jungle scene colors.

I tend to set mid tones and use that as a starting point to go darker and lighter.

Then I set my first step of shadows using a “multiply” layer on top of my basic colors, I also tried to work some of the lightning on the background just to have a quick idea of how I want to whole scene to look.

At this point I started laying the lights just adding a regular layer on top of my shadows but under my pencils. I decided to have two light sources: one coming from the right side as sunlight hitting directly at the characters and the other one coming from the left side as an ambient lighting.

Once I had all my colors laid out I compressed all the layers and worked on top of my single file getting rid of the pencil work.

In this image you can see that result on wolverine’s face. I went over the whole image using this process.

Once I polish the whole image I start adding some light effects like fog and the sunlight on the right as well as a couple of highlight on the metal materials. Then I go over the image to do a bit of color correction until I’m completely satisfied with the final result.

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X- Men #19 cover

Hey Guys,

Here is the X- Men #19 cover. I will post the behind the scenes soon, Follow me on Twitter @jorge_molinam if you want to know all about it!

All photoshop CS5.

Behind the Scenes: New Mutants # 28 cover

Hey guys,

Here is the process of the work behind New Mutants #28 cover.

These are the three layout sketches I sent to the editors. I was asked to have Magic from New Mutants in a jail cell hunted by her demons so I nailed the three quick composition sketches and sent them for approval. I do these sketches all in photoshop.

I did these entire image digitally because I wanted to try something new on my technique, I never try coloring over gray tones of shading so I decided to give it a shot. At this point I take the approved sketch and do a clean version on top of it just by tracing over it on photoshop.

When I’m done with the clean lines I set on “multiply” on photoshop to begin the coloring process. At first I set five tones from white to black so for the most part of this process I work strictly with this tones.

The main idea of why I wanted to try this new process of coloring was to get a better feel of the volume, the lighting on the scene and the characters. Usually when working straight on colors is hard to proceed the tonal values because of the amount of color variety on the image. So by sticking only to gray tones I can focus on the shapes and tonal values.

At this point I usually use a regular hard edge brush with 70 % in opacity and 25% on flow.

Once I layout all the gray tones on the image I start going over the lines and cleaning all the edges from the pencil lines.

When I was at this point I started to get nervous since this was the first time I try this coloring technique and I had no idea how to lay colors on top of the gray tones.

So I started looking for a couple of tutorials on the web on how to work on it.

At this point I’m pretty much learning by trial an error and I started laying colors on layers from “multiply “and “color.” I really don’t remember the exact process I used for this since I don’t have the technique nailed down but I had a really clear idea of how I wanted the image to look in the end so from the beginning I knew I wanted a defiant looking Magic with lots of cold tones and the moon lighting on the jail cell.
Once I’m done with all the coloring aspects of the image I start adding textures like the walls and the floor.

This is the final result, I hope you guys like it.


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