unfinished bussines

Old sketch I did last summer, I haven’t had the time of finish it, but I think that’s the beauty of sketches.

A sketch I did some while ago for a concept I'm working on, for a possible cartoon.

See my latest interview on CBR and sneek peak at AVENGERS IN #35 final issue! http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=25353

Avenger initiative #35

Here are the sketches for one of the two pages I’m working on for the Avengers initiative #35, the final issue.

Basically the way I work my pages for a title is giving the scrip a first read just for fun, then a second time trying to figure out what panel shapes and composition I should use in each page. Once I draw thumbnails on the side of the script I start doing little sketches for each panel, sometimes on the same script and sometimes on another side page. After I have a couple of ideas of how each panel is gonna work I then start with the sketch like the one you see here, I usually go around it with and HB pencil so I can get strong lines and speed up the process.

Then I scan the sketch and blow it up in the computer and I print it on a comic board size(11” x17”) then I tape the print into a comic board page. Now I start tracing with a 2H pencil the print on my light table ,once I’m done with all the tracing I turn off the light table and go around the page working on my lines and polishing the details.

Hope this is helpful for other artist out there, because I'm always eager to know the process of work of other artist.

Here’s a little preview of the sketches I did for an upcoming title about Hulk. I had the great chance to work with Jimmy Palmiotti. I had a lot of fun working on this title, since I had the freedom to do all the art work with no rushing deadlines. That would make any artist happy.

red crow

Here is a little behind the scenes work of one of my latest images, there’s really no idea behind it.

I just wanted to play around with the composition and color. Basically I wanted to make something nice to look at. I started out the sketch with an HB pencil then went on my light table with a 2H pencil, color it on Photoshop.

If you want to see the final version go to my DA