The challenge and take a break

The first is just a quick piece I did, trying to practice "speedpainting"...took me about 3 and half hours...I know compared to the speed of other people around here I'm no match..but I'm getting started, I want to try to do one per week. ( but as you can see is not working at all, I have a lot of work)

The second one is a quick painting I made while I was doing "urban myths" project with top cow, I was very busy at that time and I wanted to do something for myself, even thought the deadline for that project was tight I REALLY had the urge to do it, get it out of my system, so this is what came out . All done in photoshop, no pencil no paper. Which is kind of weird for me. Buy I think I started to enjoy working digitally.
Photoshop CS. 3 hours . No reference


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