Top Cow test

Here is one of the sample pages I did for Top Cow.... I had to change my style for these pages..for a more dark style..more shades and stuff. I'm not a big fan of shading, although I admit the pencils look way better shaded...but once inked they loose so much that much shading limits the colorist in picking the light sources and such...but any it is. ENJOY!

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Augusto Quijano Vázquez said...

Que onda Yorch, que bueno que ya tienes blog de nuevo, ta poca madre tu trabajo, siempre me inspira.
Mucha suerte brother, te voy a poner un link en mi blog,
un abrazo


Gavin Ball said...

Awesome work as usual Jorge. It's great to see you fulfilling your dreams...I remember how hard you worked in school and how focused you've come a very long way in such a short amount of time.

You know I'll always give you a hard time on proportions, but everything still looks fantastic.

Keep going man!


Cheeks said...

heya! great to see you here. LOVE your work as always. :)