Sandoje 3d

Hey Everyone! Here is a very cool colab I did with the amazing 3D artist David Abreras. This is a character design I did for a personal comic I was working on but never had the time to finish back in 2006, I should really pick it up again sometime. Anyway...David asked me if he could use the character for modeling, couple of months later he showed me the final result and I was breathless. At first I thought it was my drawing just painted on top, then I looked closely and saw how close he kept the model to my concept. This was really exciting since this was the first time I'd ever seen my character being represented by someone else in 3d, and boy he did a fantastic job. So...for those 3d artist out there who are interested into the backstage work of David on this piece, check out the 3dtotal article/tutorial.

More of Davids work at

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RAWLS said...

Wow!! Fantastic!!